Let the pros do the close!

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to start closing the pool for the winter. Whether you’ve got a tarp and water bags, fitted vinyl/ lock-in cover, or a mesh safety cover, we’ve got the team that can effectively winterize your pool for the season. Our staff are trained on the winterization of all pools and equipment systems on the market, so that you can rest assured both your pool plumbing and pool equipment will be winterized 100%.

Our pool closings include:

Lowering of water level
Removal of deck equipment and ladders
Shock of pool with chlorine
Winterization of all equipment + plumbing
Blowing all lines clear of water
Installation of the winter cover
Freeze protection guarantee
Partial Closing
$ 269

Everything included in full closing except customer lowers water level 2” below return jets prior to our arrival
Equipment WInterization
$ 150

Customer lowers water level below jets and our team winterized the pool prior to installation of the cover by the homeowner. We winterize the pool and provide freeze protection guarantee, homeowner does the rest

Winterization guarantee

Book a closing with us and we guarantee our work. When we close the pool we provide you with a complete winterization guarantee that your pool and equipment have been properly winterized by our staff

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