Going To The Beach Isn’t The Best Option Today

With our above ground pools you will have more than a good time at home.
This is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your familly under sunny Canada

Affordable Option

Lower cost than a full in-ground pool and you will enjoy the same benefits of fitness, stress release, and fun, in current tough times.


Above ground pools come in many round and oval sizes, which will work in almost any size backyard even in smaller areas.

Easy to Maintain

The process of cleaning and maintaining is mu easier because nothing is hidden and all the parts are easily accessible.

Having a New pool Installed Is...


Travel isn't allowed, going to the seaside is tough, and there isn't anything better than swimming in your backyard with your closest friends & family members.

Fast To Install

We understand waiting for your new pool is hard & annoying, we install above-ground pools surprisingly fast, so you can take a dip even sooner.


Our above-ground pools are inherently safer, because of their higher entry point (52″or 54″). The higher entry point means a lower risk of accidental falls.

Risk-Free - Money Back Guaranteed

It's as simple as that - If you don't like what we did, we'll just give your money back.

We did over 100 above ground pool installations that made thousands of families happy

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