We make sure your pool stays in a perfect condition.

We offer the highest quality leak detection services including both air compressor and water-based pressure testing as well as electronic liner leak detection. We are one of the few companies in the area that ALWAYS uses the correct industry standards for leak detection including proper return and suction-side plugs, safety precautions, leak verification, and repair procedures. Don’t ever risk having your leak assessed by untrained or unqualified technicians that are not following the correct industry standards.
If you’ve got a leak… get it fixed right!

Leak Detection
$ 245 starting from

Includes full electronic liner leak detection of pool to pinpoint exactly where pool is leaking.

*this is the first step in fixing a liner leak. Does not include patching of leak(s). Additional charge for underwater patching of leak(s) once located

Pool Inspections
$ 745

Full pool inspection service to customers wanting a professional inspection and opinion on a pool’s equipment and plumbing lines. This inspection includes pressure testing of all pool lines as well as an electronic liner leak detection test followed by a startup and inspection of pool equipment when possible. We give you our full professional opinion on the condition of a pool and in the case of leaks or damage to equipment, we make this clear in our report.

*includes equipment inspection and system startup when possible

Pressure Testing
$ 269

Pressure test of all pool lines (suction side and return side plumbing) to determine if there is a leak and locate it.

*once we locate a leak in plumbing, underground repair services start at $999 and we will need to cut through your concrete to make repairs

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