While you may be looking outside your window and seeing the Alaskan tundra that is southern Ontario…. WORRY NOT! Winter is still here— but it won’t last forever.

Aside from occasional winter activities (ones which are still permitted during our lockdown), A great thing to be doing during this time of rest is to start thinking about the summer. What do you want to do this year? How will you make this summer one that lasts? One that is remembered and truly enjoyed at the very most possible with your family and friends? 

One aspect of the summer that we know everyone enjoys is the backyard. Especially the swimming pool! Ahhh, the swimming pool. Great when it works, great when it’s clean— not so great when it’s not. What can be done to ensure that your swimming pool gets the most value this summer? That’s the question we hope to provide the answer to in this article.

 The opening of the swimming pool is often a multifaceted event. An event which involves not only the physical labour of opening the pool for the season, But also taking out lawn and patio furniture, cleaning up the backyard and shed, and gathering the supplies necessary for the pool season. Often times it can also involve setting aside time or money towards rejuvenation or renovation of the pool, as this is the best time to do so. let’s be very honest: there’s absolutely no point in opening up a pool without the goal of enjoying it for the year. That’s the goal. No how do we make it happen?

One thing we often recommend to customers is to consider an upgrade of their standard opening. By upgrading the pool opening from a standard to an executive pool opening, homeowners can benefit from a completely clean and chemical balance of the pool, such that they are left with a sparkling blue body of water that can be handed off to them for easier maintenance throughout the season. It is important that homeowners know how effective a proper clean and balance of the pool at the onset of its season can be for a better functioning pool that season. The reason being is because it’s easier to set something up perfectly from the get-go rather than playing catch-up all summer long. It’s really that simple!

Now, what exactly does an executive pool opening involve? Firstly it involves a complete and careful opening of the pool, whether that’s a removal of the safety cover and de-winterization of equipment, or pumping off the water from your tarp and water bags cover (sorry to pry but why do you still have a tarp and water bags?) and then dewinterizing the pool. After this, we get the pool up and running and dose the pool with a thorough shock of chlorine to help increase clarity and kill any algae that has developed over the closing months.  we come back to your house in two days once the pool has filtered circulated and killed off a majority of algae so that we can give the pool a complete vacuum clean and a secondary balance of all chemicals. This final step ensures that not only the circulation but also the cleanliness and chemicals of the pool are properly functioning. It’s an aspect of the pool opening that can often get overlooked during a basic pool opening, if homeowners are not completely knowledgeable with respect to the balancing of their pools water chemistry.

We understand that it can be really difficult to juggle all the demands of everyday life. Sometimes it seems as though there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, and this is where it is important to pinpoint aspects of life that you do not want to deal with personally. If you leave it to us to not only open the pool but also clean and properly balance it for the year, I promise this will result in not only monetary savings but also savings of time and frustration by not having to play catch-up all summer.

This is the point of the executive opening. It’s not about raising our price of the opening to get as much money out of customers as possible. It’s about giving them the right service that leads to receiving the most value possible. That’s what we’re all about. 

Having the right balance of pH alkalinity calcium and chlorine will lead to a healthy pool. Having the right check-up of the pools equipment to ensure it is up to speed will lead to a healthy pool. Upgrading your regular pool opening to an executive opening… Will lead to a healthy pool! 

We hope you make this decision because it truly makes a huge difference in how customers enjoy their season as well as enjoy the value that they get from our opening service. We don’t really want to open your pool and leave it green or untidy for you to have to worry about later.  for the extra $125 it totally makes sense to have an expert set your pull up and hand it over to you to be maintained. We know what we’re doing when it comes to pools, and we’d be happy to set things up for you to enjoy for the year.

Give us a call and book your pool opening today!

Invest in your happiness: how to make this summer one to remember rather than one to forget

Summer’s just around the corner! Well, depending on what your definition of “just around the corner” is… but nonetheless! Summer IS coming— the question is, what are you doing to ensure it’s amazing?

Winter is a perfect time to start thinking about the pool. If as they say, hindsight is 2020, we can make a pretty good guess at what 2021 may have in store for us. It’s important to plan ahead during these times, and especially important to plan ahead with respect to your pool. Were there any unresolved issues with the pool last year? Are there plans to change the liner or re-do the deck? These are all things that need to be addressed and planned for ahead of time— because trust me, it’s going to get busy!

One of the top things people are getting ahead of the game on are liner replacements. If you reflect back on the season and realize you’ve been putting off getting the liner replaced for too long, now’s a great time to plan ahead. If planned and organized properly, a standard liner replacement should only take 2 days— giving you lots of time to enjoy the pool for the summer. But it’s best to get this work taken care of BEFORE the season picks up rather than AFTER. While we are sure we’ll be doing liner installs all throughout the summer, it’s the people ahead of the game that are left with a brand new pool at the very onset of the season, rather than to open the pool and have to look at an ugly, bleached, frayed liner until their pool company can schedule them in for their liner replacement. Getting ahead of the game gives you more value. For the same price as those who replace their liners in the summer, you get the full summer out of your purchase! It’s a no-brainer!

Trust me— I know how it is. We put things off. We procrastinate. Especially when there’s money involved. But in this brave new world of ours, it truly pays to be prepared, to be ahead of the crowd, and to know what you want in life and make the point to get it.

Whether it’s a standard liner replacement, or a new vinyl-over step addition along with it, we’ve got you covered! Get these things sorted prior to crunch time and you’ll be a happier person because of it— our promise!

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