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Pool Liner Pricing 2020

Published on 01 April, 2020

How much does a new pool liner cost? This is a question we get dozens of times each summer from homeowners with leaks in their liner, old brittle liners that are past their life, and homeowners that simply realize they're due for a new one. Pools can be expensive toys to have in a backyard so often customers are usually concerned about how much of a dent a new pool liner renovation is going to have on their wallet. In this post we'll tell you the basics of getting a new pool liner as well as the basic pricing for a liner in Canada. Our promise is to give you the facts so you know what to expect from a pool liner replacement company.

The plain and simple answer to "how much is a pool liner" would have to depend on the liner brand and the size of your pool as well as the pattern you choose. Some manufacturers will be a little cheaper than others (let's say $150-200), and some of the more premium pool patterns will, of course, be a little more costly (typically 10% more for a premium pattern). If you're choosing a pool liner with Dundas Valley Pools, we'll give you the option of ordering a liner from Latham, GLI, or Linerwerx.  We will outline the diferences below.

Latham liners come at a great price and offer a cutting-edge technology known as "invisible seam technology", where you will have a pool liner that essentially has no seams that can be seen by the naked eye. While this isn't a huge feature for some pool owners, for others they really like the idea of having a "seamless" (see what I did there?) pool experience. Check out Latham's liner options here. In terms of GLI, they are an Ohio-based pool products company and I would say have the best pricing of the 3 manufacturers. They also claim to be able to manufacture a liner in 72 hours-- pretty fast huh? Check out GLI Pool Products here.Finally, our personal favourite is Linerwerx, based out of St. Catherines, Ontario. They're a local Ontario-based liner manufacturer that specializes in custom vinyl liners that are made in Canada. They've got good turnaround times on their liners, good pricing, and offer some pretty awesome patterns-- with new ones each year! Check them out here.



So now to the real reason you're here: how much do these pool liners really cost? I'll give you basic prices for a standard pool size, but please know that these prices are more or less rough estimates and the price of a pool liner does depend on your particular pool (and choice of manufacturer, pattern, company). 

                                Liner Prices:

Inground Oval Pool

                                      12 x 24    - $1240
                                      14 x 28    - $1420
                                      16 x 32    - $1580
                                      18 x 32    - $1740
                                      20 x 40    - $2088
Inground Kidney Pool
                                      12 x 24    - $1540
                                      14 x 28    - $1720
                                      16 x 32    - $1860 
                                      18 x 36    - $2240
                                      20 x 40    - $2638
Freeform Shape Pool
                                      16 x 24    - $1644
                                      16 x 28    - $1750
                                      20 x 32    - $1860
                                      26 x 32    - $2280
                                      24 x 40    - $2548


Give us a call or send us an email if you're still thinking of getting a liner installed this year. Whether it's a leaking pool, an old liner that's past it's life, or you just want a new fresh pool to really enjoy the summer with, we can get you swimming in no time!

Cheers and Stay Safe!
Dan Stewart