The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water. In addition, the Canadian government has designated pool maintenance and sanitization companies to be essential services

Heating Your Pool In 2020

Published on 01 April, 2020

This might just be a year that pool owners get the most use out of their pools ever. With more and more people staying home due to the coronavirus, it's no doubt that families will be using their backyards more this summer. Backyards can be a safe and fun place to enjoy time together, and a pool can make a backyard experience really come to life. The one thing unfortunate about living in Canada with a pool can be our weather. No, we don't typically have the weather of Southern California, although we do get some hot temperatures in the summer. But one great way to extend the season-- and the use of the pool-- is to have a pool heater. 

Having a heater for your swimming pool can really make having a pool more enjoyable throughout the season. While some pool owners will report only using the pool 4-5 times during the summer, we find that customers with heaters seem to always be swimming in their pools. Having a heater can make the water temperature so much more comfortable to bathers, and if a pool heater is sized properly it actually doesn't take that long to heat up a pool. So, if you're thinking about a pool heater for your backyard pool this season, let's go over a few options you'd have:

1. Gas or Propane  Heater
A natural gas or propane heater is the most common type of heater that homeowners will have. If you already have a gas line in your backyard, you should be able to get a heater installed with minimal effort. If not, you can either look into another way of heating the pool or at least be prepared to pay a good deal of money for the gas line to be set up in the backyard. Gas and propane pool heaters range from $2500-$5000+, but the chances are you'll be wanting to get a mid-size pool heater with decent fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance, and easy installation / accessibility. What I'd recommend to most pool owners with a regular size pool in their backyard is a Pentair MasterTemp 250. It is a 250k BTU pool heater that heats up pools fast, has a tough rustproof exterior, easy winterization, and comes at an affordable price point. For pool owners with larger pools I would recommend upgrading to a 300k or 400k BTU model. 

2. Wood Stove Pool Heater
Believe it or not, you can actually heat your pool with wood. There's a company that builds wood burning pool heaters that can heat the pool 1 degree per hour, all while using nothing but Mother Nature! A wood-burning pool heater is probably around the same price point as a traditional heater, except that you never have to worry about your gas bill. It's something to think about! Check out their website here.


Do a bit of research yourself or give us a call / email and we'll be sure to help you properly size a heater and decide on what options may be best for you based on your specific situation. Having a heater is a great way to get more use out of the pool by increasing the comfortability of the water and extending the pool season. If you're looking to get way more use out of your pool, get it heated so that swimmers are swimming in nice warm pool water!

Cheers and stay safe!