The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water. In addition, the Canadian government has designated pool maintenance and sanitization companies to be essential services

Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance


Weekly Maintenance - $75 CAD
Biweekly Maintenance - $85 CAD
Monthly Maintenance - $95 CAD

Regular or once-off maintenance services

Includes full vacuum of pool, emptying of baskets,
backwash/rinse filter, check equipment and check chemicals.
It's 100% free and takes less than 2 minutes!

What we find works best for customers’ water quality and ease of pool maintenance is this:

Regularly scheduled maintenance of your swimming pool based on the time of season
Personalized pool service, ensuring that the same knowledgeable technician arrives at your door each visit
A pool that has been professionally cleaned, balanced, and inspected before being handed over to you the homeowner to easily take care of the rest!


*Includes 4 weeks of weekly maintenance (2 spring 2 fall), 8 weeks of biweekly maintenance (2 biweekly visits first half of season, 2 visits second half), and one monthly maintenance visit in the middle of the summer. Additional maintenance can be scheduled accordingly if the customer wishes to extend the season further.
**We can carry over your package to the following pool season! For example, if a customer purchases the Full Summer Fun Maintenance Bundle in early September, a customer could use two weeks of weekly maintenance prior to their pool closing and the remainder of their package could carry over to the next year.
***Does not include chemicals. Chemicals can be supplied upon request at an additional fee.